We ensure a 360° customer knowledge

In banking, insurance or real estate, more and more individuals and companies are using online services. However, the increased use of these new digital channels results in increased risks when entering the relationship (fraud, regulatory compliance, litigation).

Contract-based businesses, but also a growing number of digital companies, are exposed to three major risks: fraud, penalties and legal risk.

reduce your risks


identity fraud, income or registered address


penalties for non-compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing procedures on regulated markets


legal risk due to potentially disputable digital informed consent processes

Trusted Third Party at the European level, VIALINK takes a global approach to risk reduction

Automated compliance check of customer records

Simple and secure electronic signature

Automation to reduce risks: BRED Bank case study

BRED Bank has chosen VIALINK platform to comply with KYC regulatory obligations. The regulations imply a deep customer knowledge at the opening of a bank account, especially.

To reduce fraud, corruption, and money laundering, BRED Bank has automated the verification of supporting documents of a customer file.

This process is now digitized and alerts bank advisors in real time of the inconsistencies on a customer file following the business rules set. Thereby, bank advisors rely on the analysis results to decide whether they open the account or not. 

Also, all the controls are traceable and auditable through a control report generated automatically after the KYC controls. Thereby, the Bank protects itself from regulatory sanctions. 

témoignage BRED

 After a year, we found that we managed to stop 3 to 4% of account openings, which were fraudulent account opening attempts, thanks to KYC checks. 
Françoise Epifanie, Directrice Développement BRED.