Facilitates performance bond applications and tracking

Over 150 construction companies use the E-Cautions platform to manage performance bond applications and tracking. E-Cautions allows completing this paper intensive process in just a few minutes, putting directly in touch all stakeholders (bank security issuers, applicants and buyers.

E-Cautions, the reference platform

Request for performance bonds

The E-Cautions platform connects more than 70 guarantee issuers with over 150 construction companies.

Bank security life-cycle management

Manage in real-time applications, electronic signatures and bonds release in real time.

Real-time activity monitoring

Track outstanding bonds or releases, monitor outstanding amounts and download the results for detailed follow-up.

Access settings and profiles

Our profile management module allows you to define the roles and permission of your entire organization.

Easy management and configuration of contacts

and emission caps per customer.

Access to nearly 70 performance bond issuers

Connected to nearly 70 bond issuers on the market.
E-Cautions facilitates and centralizes the management, online signature and follow-up of performance bond applications for any construction company.
E-Cautions reduces to less than 5 minutes the time required to issue and sign electronically a performance bond.
Automated exchanges speed up the surety agreement with the issuer and further facilitate the follow-up until the bond’s release.
Operated by Vialink, a certified trusted third party, E-Cautions guarantees the confidentiality and compliance of transactions. It thus enables the beneficiary to check the authenticity simply and securely.

E-Cautions accompanies you throughout the life cycle of your bank security contracts, from the call for tenders to the release of the bond after completion of the work.





to sign

Ask for and sign your performance bond in less than 5 minutes.