ID Verification, choose the easiest Identity Verification Solution

The process of Online Identity Verification is crucial. With VIALINK, establish a climate of trust in the very first steps of your customers onboarding.

Quick, secured and effortless, Identity Verification through Face Match is child’s play! 

1. ID capture

+50 points checked, +200 countries covered

2. Face Matching  and Liveness detection

Real-time facial recognition and automated passive liveness detection 

3. 24/7 Traceability of verified identities

Biometric report available in real-time for full traceability

Ready to give your customers a revolutionary online experience?

What benefits to use our Identity Verification Solution?



Make the smoothest customer experience with a simple, quick and transparent Online Identity Verification.


Tackle identity theft. Secure your online onboarding process. Protect 7 billions identities over 200 countries and territories.


Stand out from your competitors with the latest AI-based technologies to fight fraud.

ID Verification by VIALINK, the most certified Identity Verification Solution


evaluates the liveness detection by verifying that the person is alive.

(National Institute of Standards and Technology) is an American institute that evaluates facial comparison algorithms. Out of 1 million false image pairs, only one is accepted.

VIALINK solutions are 100% GDPR compliant, the European Data Protection Regulation

evaluates on the liveness detection by verifying that the person is alive behind the camera: the solution detects various paper prints, photo and video screen and 3D masks.

Want to learn more?

ID Verification Solution is rounding off the 360° VIALINK platform which aims to smooth online onboarding processes.

Our Identity Verification Solution completes the modules VIALINK KYC that automates data collection and verification but also VIALINK SIGN, our Electronic Signature Solution,

through a brand new facial recognition solution.