Save time with a fast and secure e-signature platform

Vialink SIGN is much more than a proven solution for simple or advanced electronic signatures, compliant with the European eIDAS standard. It is a full fledge digital contracting platform designed to optimize customer processes end to end, whether they are online, face to face or over the phone.

Banks, credit institutions, insurances and brokers, construction and real estate professionals are using Vialink SIGN to manage their contracting processes with retail and business customers. ViaLink SIGN allows signing electronically all types of documents: contracts, SEPA mandates, purchase orders, rental leases, etc.

A platform designed to optimize your customer journey

Two levels of signatures

Two levels of signatures with legal value: you define the level of security of the signature, simple or advanced, depending on the risk of the transaction.

Authentication of the signing parties

Authentication of the signing parties: our platform allows authenticating the signing parties by OTP SMS or e-mail, in order to guarantee a simple and secure journey.

Vialink, Certification Authority

Vialink, Certification Authority: the signatures issued by VIALINK are certified and legally valid.

Audit trail

Audit trail: for each transaction, a legally valid audit trail is kept at your disposal in the event of a dispute.

VIALINK e-signature adapts to your needs

VIALINK SIGN is available as an easy-to-integrate API or via the dedicated Vialink web portal.
With VIALINK SIGN, a single solution meets all signature needs, simple or advanced, for individuals or legal entities, by SMS OTP authentication or by email.
Entirely configurable, VIALINK SIGN enables the definition of processing processes and/or signature chains that closely reflect business usages.
Depending on the customer’s needs, VIALINK SIGN can be connected to the VIALINK platform for verifying identity and customer credentials, for a complete path, from the initial contact to the conclusion of the contracting process.

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the contractualisation period


the salesforce efficiency

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