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Owning a car is less and less appealing to consumers at first sight. In recent years, they have turned more to leasing (long-term rental) and car loans. In 2021, leasing accounted for nearly half of purchase financing for individuals.

The new points of vigilance to observe for insurers:
– respond to regulatory issues (LCB-FT),
– reduce file processing time.

*Source: Cabinet C-Ways

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VIALINK answers

#1 Automate and reduce file processing times

VIALINK answer

Thanks to the automation of the verification of supporting documents, contracting is faster and completely secure.

#2 Reduce the risk of fraud

VIALINK answer

Identity and document verification by VIALINK only takes 3 seconds: passive detection of living beings and facial recognition ensure that you are doing business with people you trust.

3 benefits for


Secure your customer onboarding

Meet your regulatory obligations (compliance with European LCB-FT directives) thanks to a solution that can be configured according to your business challenges.


Automate time-consuming processes

VIALINK 360, your new digital assistant, digitizes and automates the most complex tasks with low added value.


Aim for operational excellence

The back office teams find time to offer their customers the best of their service.

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