Document & data analysis: strengthen the knowledge of your customers

Speed up the checking of your cutoimers entire file by digitizing the process.

3 key steps
of verification.

Automate the recognition and verification of the typical documents of a file: identity, income, residence, business documents…

Check the authenticity of the supporting documents in your customer files with trust services (Archipels, …)

Enrich the data of your customers (DGFIP, SIRENE, Google Maps, etc.) and recover the official documents missing with the use of third-party databases (Business registration, Balance sheet, statutes, etc.)

Document & data analysis :
a decision support tool

Detect inconsistencies, frauds and errors without delay. Define more than 500 automated checks and management rules tailored to your business. Using our dashboards, simulate the impact of your changes before application.

Document & data analysis by VIALINK:
your benefits.


Digitizing verification frees your teams from tedious & time-consuming tasks.


100% customizable: your admin console allows to match your interface to your organization and the evolution of fraud.


Complete verification of files and corroboration of data using official external databases guarantee accuracy and confidence.

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Document & data analysis.

Whether the customer is opening a new bank account, or taking a loan, or renting a new apartment, several documents are usually required.
For a physical person, the process requires an identity document, proof of address, payslips, tax notice, and account statement.
For corporations, the process requires the company’s certification of incorporation, documents of the legal representative and the company’s shareholding profile.

Depending on the company sector, several regulations (AML, Tracfin, …) are in force in order to ensure a trusted relationship. They involve customer identity and record verification to reduce the risk of fraud as identity fraud for example and issue of solvency.

When it comes to onboarding a customer, the company wants to make sure that his profile (identity, documents, etc.) are truthful. Therefore, they perform analyses and checks. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning allow you to analyze them automatically and in real time to accelerate the customer journey and internal processes. AI ​​is able to read a document, extract the data, verify each piece of information individually and cross them.

Manual processes and human eyes are not able to detect all the modifications that have been made to a document. By verifying the customer record using AI and more precisely intra and inter documentary checks, as well as querying external data bases, you increase the chances to detect document modifications, false and wrong documents and so on. Risks are reduced and your relationship is reliable!

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