Insurance :

The insurance sector is under a double pressure: the development of the insurance activities of banks (auto, home, health…) and the development of pure players meeting the new needs of customers.

Whatever the challenges and sectors of activity (life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, etc.), digitization has become a must.

Stakes &
VIALINK answers.

#1 Make the control of your underwriters’ files more reliable

VIALINK answer

The VIALINK 360 solution scrupulously verifies the identity, the origin of the funds and the subscribers submitting their application.

Our identity verification solution (facial recognition and passive liveness detection) and user supporting documents (car registration document, driving license, account statement, tax notice, etc.) provide unparalleled reliability and confidence (processes AML-compliant).

#2 Provide an engaging user experience

VIALINK answer

Thanks to the automation of the verification of supporting documents, processing times are reduced, become more fluid and back office teams refocus on tasks with high added value.

3 benefits for
insurance companies.


Protect yourself against risks and penalties

Verification of identity and documents by corroboration and appeal to external databases ensure compliance and trust.


Offer a unique user experience

Thanks to artificial intelligence, VIALINK provides an innovative and 100% secure digital journey that facilitates handling and customer relations.


Accelerate file processing

The automation of time-consuming and low value-added tasks frees up time for back office teams and increases their productivity.

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