Rental Real Estate :

Physical agencies have no choice but to embrace the digital revolution to meet the new needs of consumers.

The aim? To enable traditional agencies to remain competitive in the face of changes in the sector, to rent properties in a short timeframe and to offer a quality customer relationship.

Stakes &
VIALINK answers.

#1 Ensure you have a complete and reliable file

VIALINK answer

Within our VIALINK 360 platform, automated and real-time checks make the data more reliable. Reduce back and forth with candidates and make sure you have a complete file from the first exchange.

#2 Income fraud limitation

VIALINK answer

A 360° file verification and income control process drastically reduces the risk of fraud. VIALINK performs an advanced analysis of candidate profiles to detect fraud and verify the solvency of candidates.

#3 Increase your turnover

VIALINK answer

VIALINK speeds up the verification of files through automation. The aim? To achieve the electronic signature of contracts & mandates more quickly and to increase the volume of files to be processed.


Digitalization of the tenant Customer journey: Citya, a real estate agency

‘Our 2 objectives were first to save time and second to secure data. Thanks to VIALINK, in 15 seconds we have the possibility of knowing immediately that the supporting documents are real and reliable, which reassures managers and lessors. We are now sure that future tenants are really solvent. Today the processing time is divided by 2, which makes it possible to manage 16 files against 4 previously’.

Audrey Guéret,

Project manager at Q1C1,
a subsidiary of Citya

3 benefits for
rental real estate.


Minimize identity & document fraud.

VIALINK 360 performs an advanced revenue analysis of each potential customer.


Save time with reliable documents.

Thanks to our advances documentary verification crossing data with external database (DGFIP, Infogreffe, etc.), make sure your records are reliable.


Automatize low added value tasks.

Drastically reduce the processing time of your tenant files and invest this gain in customer relations.

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