Retail and Corporate Banking :

The emergence of neobanks shows the need for an immediate, simple and personalized way of consumption. Traditional banking institutions need support for this digital transition.
Acquiring smart tools is an additional source of competitiveness, performance and above all an optimal response to the new regulatory challenges of the banking sector.

Stakes &
VIALINK answers.

#1 Make the verification of identity and customer documents more reliable

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Thanks to facial recognition and passive liveness detection coupled with documentary verification, you can be sure you are dealing with people you can trust. VIALINK offers an optimized customer knowledge process (KYC/KYB) in compliance with the regulatory obligations in force.

#2 Optimize user experience

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VIALINK 360 is a platform that speeds up the process without any disruption. It takes only 5 minutes to collect data and contract with confidence.

3 benefits for
retail and corporate banking.


Free your teams from repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Digitization allows teams to dedicate themselves to client advice and think about ultra-personalized formulas according to the issues (assets, financial management, structuring of complex financing, etc.). In agencies or online, give your clients time by providing them with high-quality tools and advice.


Gain serenity and productivity

Automation reduces file processing times and brings full satisfaction to your customers thanks to solutions that adapt to their lifestyle.


Minimize risks

The implementation of a digitalization process considerably minimizes the risks of fraud and non-compliance.

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