a complete & unique Onboarding platform.

The only end-to-end digital platform to onboard your Customer within 5 minutes.

Easily design
your customer journeys.

Stop using several solutions, just use only one: VIALINK 360! Our modular platform helps you create the experience that fits your organization.

An expert team
by your side.

VIALINK specialists support you in all your challenges, whatever your sector of activity.

Whether you need ongoing follow-up or occasional advice, our project managers will be happy to answer your questions. Constantly monitoring legal, sectoral and regulatory developments, our experts master your subjects in order to guide you at any time.

A tailor-made integration
according to your needs.

VIALINK 360 Webapp

With our SaaS packaged interfaces, access and use our solution instantly!


Choose the VIALINK modules adapted to your needs, thanks to our API integrated into your applications or business software.

3 key benefits for you
& your customers.

#1 Optimize the user experience

For You

Increase your conversion rate with a smooth and fast customer onboarding.

For your customers

Enhance your customer satisfaction by providing them with a real-time feedback.

#2 Minimize risks

For You

Based on the latest artificial intelligence technologies, VIALINK strengthens your customer knowledge for contracting with confidence.

For your customers

100% digital platform compliant with the European regulations (GDRP, AML, eIDAS…).

#3 Choose efficiency

For You

Digitalize low added value tasks to boost your business growth.

For your customers

Available 24/7, the platform offers autonomy favorable to a quality experience in complete safety.

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