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the fastest and most reliable solution.

Verify the identity of your future customers in 3 seconds thanks to ID Verification by VIALINK, expert in face matching and liveness detection.


Are they who
they pretend to be?

With a +112% increase in identity fraud: the process of online verification is crucial. With VIALINK, set a climate of trust from the first stages of your relationship with your customers.

Selfie video capture.

+50 integrated checkpoints and international coverage (+200 countries and territories)

Face Matching and Liveness detection.

100% automated and effortless instant facial recognition and passive live detection

24/7 Tracebility of verified identities.

Your biometric report is available immediately, stored in a dedicated personal space highly secured

What benefits to use our
Identity Verification Solution?


Make the smoothest Customer experience with a simple, quick and transparent Online Identity Verification.


Tackle Identity theft. Secure your online onboarding process. Protect 7 billions identities over 200 countries and territories.

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Stand out from your competitors with the latest AI-based technologies to fight fraud

ID Verification by VIALINK, the most certified Identity Verification Solution.

evaluates the liveness detection by verifying that the person is alive.

VIALINK solutions are 100% GDPR compliant, the European Data Protection Regulation.

(National Institute of Standards and Technology) is an American institute that evaluates facial comparison algorithms. Out of 1 million false image pairs, only one is accepted.

evaluates on the liveness detection by verifying that the person is alive behind the camera: the solution detects various paper prints, photo and video screen and 3D masks.

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online Identity Verification.

Face Matching is a technology that can be used to authenticate a person based on facial features. In the context of remote identity verification, this technology makes it possible to check whether the face captured at the time of video recording matches the face in the picture taken from the identity document.

Liveness detection is an essential feature of facial recognition, as it can detect whether the person behind the camera is alive. There are two types of liveness detection: passive (does not require any movement from the user) and active.

There are a multitude of identity frauds, of which 2 methods are recurrent:

  • 2D static attacks with the use of masks, photos or smartphone screens to reproduce moving images imitating a live person.
  • 3D attacks using 3D masks in silicone, latex (known to be extremely realistic) or stacked 3D photos ( overlaying 2D photos to give depth to the facial features) to perfectly imitate the characteristics of a real human being. 

Our ID Verification solution can thwart the most advanced deepfakes.

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