Marketplace :

The number of marketplaces has exploded: sellers are looking for trusted online & offline places to make business and enlarge their value proposal.

2 major challenges for marketplaces: the fight against

  • misleading ads,
  • identity fraud.

Stakes &
VIALINK answers.

#1 Make sure to onboard legitimate sellers

VIALINK answer

VIALINK verifies the identity of sellers in less than 3 seconds to ensure that you are working with trusted people.

#2 Remain competitive and attractive

VIALINK answer

Thanks to the VIALINK 360 platform, from identity verification to digital signature, customer journeys become smoother and more reliable (help with pre-filling fields…).
You are guaranteed to deal with trusted sellers while avoiding the risk of publishing misleading content.

3 benefits for

Minimize risks

Strengthen identity verification with automatically checked documents and short turnaround times to do business with trustworthy people.


Boost your productivity

Automated data verification builds trust and reputation around your platform.


Providing an enhanced customer experience

With AI, take advantage of the latest technologies available for an unprecedented user experience.

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