are we?

VIALINK is above all a link creator.
We are working to offer solutions that are as simple as reliable, accessible and 100% customizable to make VIALINK 360 the reference for trusted and digital onboarding platforms.

Our mission.

At VIALINK, we are committed to build simple and trusted customer journeys. Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of our DNA, we are working to ensure that it is also the lifeblood of your exchanges with your customers. If you also want:
– Benefit from intelligent tools, simple to set up and quick to use,
– Put people back at the heart of your concerns, your exchanges and your partnerships.

Our Trust Badges.

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Our values :
passion, ambition & kindness.


Immersed in the heart of current debates, VIALINK is fully committed to building a digital future of trust around digital identity, digital transformation, trust in online processes.


Constantly monitoring trends and behaviors, we strive to always stay one step ahead. Innovation is in our DNA!


We create synergies between employees, customers and partners around notions such as respect, listening and exchange. These are the foundations at the heart of our growth.


The management

Philippe SANCHIS

Chief Executive Officer

Jérémy LEVY

Chief Financial Officer


Chief Product Officer


Chief Information Security Officer

Photo CTO - Romain

Chief Technical Officer

Stéphane Boudara
Stéphane BOUDARA

Chief Service Delivery Officer


In accordance with the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future (2018), companies with more than 50 employees must publish their professional equality index.

This involves evaluating out of 100 the level of equality between women and men.

In 2024, VIALINK is pleased to announce that its score now stands at 89/100, up from 84 last year. Our action plan defined last year enabled us to acquire 5 additional points.

In 3 years, our index has evolved as follows:

  • 2022 : 79/100
  • 2023 : 84/100
  • 2024 : 89/100

They talk about us.

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