100% traceable and auditable compliance

Facing tightening regulations and increasing fraud risks, banks, insurance companies, credit institutions, fintech or marketplaces are compelled to double their compliance teams to meet their regulatory obligations (KYC – Know Your Customer).

An innovative player in regulatory technologies (RegTech), VIALINK helps these companies to keep up using advanced AI technologies for automated, 360° compliance analysis of customer records.

Ensure 100% compliance


and automate the application of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legal obligations regardless of sales channels or customer type (business or retail).


and adapt the implementation of verification processes to keep up with ever-changing regulation


in real-time your compliance policy changes across all sales channels

VIALINK relies on advanced IA technologies

Real time, customizable and traceable digital KYC process

The automatization in response to regulatory obligations: BRED Bank case study

BRED Bank has deployed VIALINK digital solutions in 2013 and 2017 for personal account opening in agencies.

VIALINK KYC digital solution allows bank advisors to verify the entire customer file in less than 10 seconds. VIALINK solution offers real time analysis on the consistency and validity of each supporting documents.

Since BRED has been using VIALINK solutions, bank account managers are able to focus on customer relationship and personalized services.

Thereby, fraud or non-compliant items of customer files are automatically detected and alert the bank’s advisors and Compliance team.

conformité BRED Our regulatory obligations do not stop with the simple collection of documents, but also with verifying the consistency of these with our customer knowledge. The first result of VIALINK solution is not only to highly automate our processes, but also to meet our regulatory obligations in a simple, efficient and rapid manner.  
Jean-Marc Henrion, Compliance Director, BRED.

Do you want to improve your KYC compliance?