We have reinvented the customer's experience in banking/insurance and real estate.

Face-to-face or online, the optimal customer journey is the one that runs smoothly.

Facing an ever-increasing competition, a smooth customer journey across all channels is key to boost transformation rate, for both business and retail customers.

VIALINK leverages its expertise in complex processes to provide a comprehensive response to the challenges of entering into relationships and contracting with companies.

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VIALINK’s solutions rely on AI and Deep Learning to streamline critical moments of the customer journey

Automated analysis of the customer information
E-signature of any type of document online or face to face

Digittization to optimize customer journey: ICS software editor case study

To speed up and secure its customers’ documents signature, the real estate software editor ICS marketed VIALINK e-signature solution. 

ICS decided to use VIALINK e-signature to offer a 100% safe and certified signature solution to its real estate customers. The e-signature allows to sign all document types: rental leases, SEPA mandates, appartment inventory document and so on.

ICS has allowed to speed up tenants, owners and agencies bureaucracies with an innovative digital solution.

optimiser parcours client

Our customers see real time and money savings thanks to the electronic signature. The ICSign solution allows them to access all documents in a dematerialized manner, and thus respond to current ecological challenges.
Christophe Caraes, Product Owner and ICSign Trainer, ICS.

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