Check customers, partners or suppliers information for Regulatory Compliance in real time.


VIALINK KYC uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to facilitate and streamline onboarding process, maintaining regulatory compliance at all times.

VIALINK KYC automates the verification required by the Financial Activities Supervisory Authority (FASA) or in regards with anti-money laundering (LCBFT) regulation. These obligations apply to banks and insurance companies. They also extend to a growing number of technological and financial service providers (FinTech), marketplaces, construction and real estate professionals.

Thanks to more than 300 standard inspection points plus configurable custom controls, VIALINK KYC adapts to all information verification requirements during onboarding or remediation procedures :

  • Background check on partners or suppliers
  • Capacity check of a legal representative

VIALINK achieves in less than 10 seconds :

Document classification

Intelligent document classification facilitates online applications and reinforces the guarantee of completeness

Information verification

+300 configurable controls to verify information and consistency of a customer file.

Private individual and Legal entity verification

The control on supporting documents of a private individual or legal entity and its management board.

Data check

Cross-checking the information in the customer file with the lists of financial sanctions and Personally Exposed Person lists.

Optimize your customer knowledge according to your business needs

Intelligent document classification reduces the risk of errors when capturing requested support documents online. Classification relies on a fully customizable document checklist, configurable per business process.
Delivered in SaaS mode and using an API/REST architecture, VIALINK KYC facilitates the integration of customized control rules (customer journey, specific procedures, customer country or location, etc.).
In addition to automated consistency checking using artificial intelligence, VIALINK KYC matches extracted information with qualified external data sources in real time.
Each verification process concludes with a comprehensive audit report. This VIALINK authenticated report is securely stored for future internal audit or in case of regulatory inspection.
VIALINK KYC is designed to flexibly adapt to continuous regulatory changes and to each business activity (onboarding background check, periodic or event-driven remediation procedures).



to check a complete customer file


of the salesforce's time saved

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